Join us at any one of our events and bring your friends. Check out our programs and all the ways to get connected!


MAIN EVENT: Features a Mentor Speaker, Mastermind Topic, and Movement: Connections

Mentor Speakers: Join us as we learn from our peers. We believe who you are is far more valuable than what you do. Join us as they teach us 3 tips and tricks they use to sustain success!

Mastermind Topics are facilitated by our Board of Excellence members and include useful subjects like Sales, Networking, Marketing, and Business Development. Each month you’ll learn something new for your business!

Movement:Connections is a section of our meeting where we identify our Circle of Influences, learn more about one another, and open our networks to create connection introductions!

(Monthly: 1 1/2 Hours, plus Open Networking before and after)


Our socials aren’t like traditional socials. We don’t just meet and pass business cards. Each participant will receive a random business or personal development question. You’ll pair with a partner you don’t know, spend 5 minutes discussing your question and the next 5 minutes on your partners question. After 10 minutes, you switch! A great way to meet new people with no loonggg pauses…

Think speed dating only a lot more fun and much less awkward!



Got a challenge or idea? This is our version of a mastermind. The difference with ours is we facilitate the meeting with a successful business coach and you leave with not just great new ideas and resources but actual action steps! Our coaches are trained to make sure each form is filled out with at least 6 (!) action steps to move your business forward.

Don’t worry, we don’t charge extra for the Coffee & Collaborate… It’s part of your membership!

We’re NOT Networking…

We are a group of professional women who are searching for a place to belong. No cliques, no judgement. We get together each month to encourage, empower, and mentor one another in our businesses and in our lives. Drop the facade of perfection, and join others just like you! We network, grow, and support.

Unlike many other “networking” groups, we are far more interested in who you are than in what you do. Who you are, your experiences, your failures as well as your successes are what makes you valuable! We want to know you and your story.

We ARE Collaborating…

Evolve is a revolutionary business networking platform where like-minded business women can link arms, get off of the entrepreneurial island, and work together to build better businesses. Deeper connections equals more business being passed. We’re more than a women’s networking group. We are a relational networking organization, not transactional. We believe that building lasting relationships will be much more impactful on your business than a single referral. No cliques, no rules, no good ole boys club. We’re REAL WOMEN doing REAL BUSINESS gaining REAL RESULTS.

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